Gondwana Rainforest Trust is dedicated to safeguarding the future of the world’s rainforests by implementing conservation programs to purchase, protect and restore endangered rainforests. In partnership with traditional custodians, the Trust purchases high conservation value rainforest and restores degraded rainforest to ensure the ongoing protection and management of these critically important ecosystems. 

Conservation programs

Save the Daintree

Help purchase and protect the Daintree

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Rainforest Rangers

Help Restore the Earth's Rainforests

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Nature-based solutions

Nature-based solutions are actions that help mitigate climate change and generate credits. This is done through the protection, sustainable management, and restoration of natural or modified ecosystems. Actions include removing carbon from the atmosphere through reforestation, protecting forest from deforestation, and supporting biodiversity.

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Latest news 

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We support and implement projects that conserve biodiversity; maintain intact landscapes, reverse declines, control emerging threats, and strengthen communities. We collaborate with Traditional Owners and knowledge-share among conservation organisations to produce meaningful and long lasting outcomes. 

93,320 Trees Established

93,320 Trees Established

Gondwana Rainforest Trust has established a total of 93,320 trees.

100+ Hectares Regenerated

100+ Hectares Regenerated

Gondwana Rainforest Trust has contributed to the regeneration of 100+ hectares of rainforest.

31 Properties Purchased

31 Properties Purchased

Gondwana Rainforest Trust has supported the acquisition and protection of 31 rainforest properties in Northern Queensland.

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